RARA-AVIS: Re:Geographically themed Akashic Noir Series

From: Right Guy ( rightguy60@yahoo.com)
Date: 14 Jan 2008

Have read a huge chunk of these and the true, glaring winners out of the bulk of ones I've invested time and attention toward were the first of the two Brooklyn volumes, London edited by Cathi Unsworth, the DC and Baltimore editions by George Pelecanos and Laura Lipman respectively, as well as Los Angeles, edited by Denise Hamilton. All of these titles in the series--the last volume listed in particular--exemplified the diversity of the region and succeeded in capturing (and in some instances modifying) the true spirit of what noir is and all its still vast and untapped possibilities.

The remaining ones that I've read (and there's a good chunk I've indifferently not bothered with) and while they all contained serviceable writing, thought they for one reason or another were somewhat limp and or failed in their objective. The Minneapolis volume in particular I thought was at best, objectively weak in the knees to say the least. The Bruen edited Dublin edition wasn't among these but surprisingly enough, it wasn't altogether very strong which is saying something I guess, when you consider what a rabid Bruen fan I am.

Hope this helps.

-PD www.yourfleshmag.com

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