Re: RARA-AVIS: Themes of Revenge in Joe Gores's Work

Date: 13 Jan 2008

I realized, upon re-reading my last post in this thread, that I posed my question in a very roundabout way. So, here it is again, straight and to the point (I hope):

Gores's economy of word use - is it consistently more pronounced in his stand alone work than in his DKA books, and if so is this directly associated with the recurring revenge theme in the former?

Thanks. Harry


> As I mentioned recently, I've just started reading WOLF TIME. One
> thing I've noticed right away is the classic noir economy of word use.
> What I found particularly interesting is that Gores does this on at
> least two levels simultaneously. First, at the level of individual
> sentences, several of which are less than half a dozen words long, and
> second at the scene level. Gores's transitions from scene to scene
> with equal economy as he does from one sentence to the next. I didn't
> find this to be as pronounced a pattern in his DKA novels. Since WOLF
> TIME is my first foray into his stand alone work, is Gores's approach
> to structuring his stories consistently different between his DKA books
> and his stand alone material? If so, is this a direct function of the
> recurring theme of revenge in his stand alone work?
> Best,
> Harry
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>> Didn't Wolf Time also have his theme?
>> Mark

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