Re: RARA-AVIS: Paul Meskil and others - lesser known but equally good hard boile

From: zupidupi (
Date: 13 Jan 2008


...from a new member on the list. Found my way here from John Williams Back to the Badlands (finding this book was a nice surprise, since I enjoyed Into the Badlands tremendously as well). Kudos to you, John, if you happen to read this!

> If we're recommending relatively recent authors who are off the beaten
> path, let me add Jack O'Connell (when's his new book comng out?).

Funny coincidence, Jack O'Connell is one of my favorite 'you probably haven't heard about this guy but you definitely should read him' kinda authors. Just yesterday I browsed through the net to find some news about him, and found the following link:

Looks like an almost 10 years long wait is about to come to an end.



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