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Date: 12 Jan 2008

One of the things that strikes me now and again is that we often spend years in conversation with one another on this group or groups like it, and we learn some things about each other and often come to believe we have this person or that person pegged. And then something happens, and we find we didn't have him pegged after all. Or ourselves either, for that matter.


Reading the friend's memorial essay made me realize once again, for the second time in a month, that we know and show only the faces that fit, and that there are depths and aspects and wells of richness that aren't even hinted at. I was quite distraught to learn of Miker's death. I'm far more so having read more about him.




Jim Beaver


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Damn shame.

Among other things, miker's enthusiasm finally got me to read two great books that had been on my shelves for a long, long time: Nightmare Alley and Thieves Like Us.

Who's gonna rail against everything "pomo" now? Guess I'll have to look up his rants in the archives.

May he have made it to heaven before the devil knew he was dead.



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