Re: RARA-AVIS: Mike Robison, RIP

From: Karin Montin (
Date: 12 Jan 2008

What a shock it was to learn of Miker's death!

I was very impressed by Miker's progression over the years. From being curious about noir and hb, about which he by his own admission knew next to nothing to start with, he became an extremely well-read expert in the field. And he not only read a lot, he remembered what he read and could compare and contrast authors and streams.

I was especially in awe of his willingness to learn about postmodernism and of the synthesis of his readings that he posted. Many of his other essays were also really good.

The sheer volume of his posts sometimes annoyed me, but I have to say that he often kept things going here. He also wasusually the first to welcome new members.

His absence has already been felt and he will continue to be sorely missed.


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