Re: RARA-AVIS: blonde vs. dark haired

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Date: 12 Jan 2008

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> Jeff wrote:
> "This is a big theme in David Goodis' novels. In many of his books you
> get the femme fatale and the angel. Can't remember if it was also
> vs. brunette, but it wouldn't surprise me. Maybe some of the Goodis
> experts can here can tell you."
> I can't remember the hair color of Goodis's women either (or even if
> madonnas and whores have different hair colors), but the title Blonde
> the Street Corner implies there might be a connection.
> Mark

In 1908, the New York Times published an interesting article related to this literary convention.

"THE DOMINANT CRIMINAL IN AMERICA IS BLONDE; In Spite of Literary and Artistic Tradition to the Contrary, It Is the People of Light and Not Dark Complexion Who Show the Strongest Tendency to Crime, According to Major Charles E. Woodruff."

PDF file of the article here:

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