RARA-AVIS: Those rare novels which are difficult to find

From: jsbuturn ( ishantriv@rediffmail.com)
Date: 11 Jan 2008

In India, my country, interest for pulp, hard boiled or noir is minimal. People are aware of movies but not the source. I am, may be one of those rare readers who has read a lot and collected a lot. Right now, I am feeling saturated with my search for books which might be there but I am unaware of. I am not interested in reprints, though a reprint would give me the same reading experience, and I wish to have a collection which has almost everything worth reading but printed by original publishers. I recently aquired 'sin-pit' by Paul meskil, 'Miss Doll Go Home' by David Markson, 'Mr. bowling buys a newspaper' By Donal Henderson, 'Lazarus # 7' by Richard Sale and many others. I wish to get 'Black has my angel' by Elliot Chaze, but it's so rare and expensive. It's a pleasure, unparelleled, to get your hands at something that rare and then devour it and after the last page, I always feel an excitement which is almost as good as making a movie. By the way, I am a film maker. Please tell me the names of those novels which are not so well known but rare gems of hard boiled or noir.

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