RARA-AVIS: Holiday haul

From: Paul Farrell ( pmf_nz@yahoo.co.nz)
Date: 10 Jan 2008

While on holiday I've been browsing some second-hand bookstores, and made some interesting finds:

Whit Masterson (Wade Miller) - A HAMMER IN HIS HAND, MAN ON A NYLON STRING, A SHADOW IN THE WILD. I really liked the recent reprint of BRANDED WOMAN, so I'm looking forward to these three.

Dan J. Marlowe - OPERATION FLASHPOINT. The fourth in the Earl Drake series, by which time the series had changed from crime to espionage.

Day Keene - TAKE A STEP TO MURDER. I've been wanting to read more by Keene; at the moment the only one I've read by him is PASSAGE TO SAMOA.

Howard Browne - PORK CITY. An author that I've read a lot of praise for, but I've previously only read a couple of short stories by him. Great opening line: "On the last morning of his life, Jake awoke at 9:33."

William P. McGivern - THE BIG HEAT, THE CROOKED FRAME. I've read one McGivern novel before - the excellent THE DARKEST HOUR (WATERFRONT COP), so I was glad to find these, particularly in the case of THE BIG HEAT, which I've been wanting to read since seeing the movie a few years ago.

Stephen Marlowe - JEOPARDY IS MY JOB

Jonathan Valin - THE MUSIC LOVERS, NATURAL CAUSES. I've read THE MUSIC LOVERS before, and it's a good PI novel.

Then there's this one, which is by an author I've never heard of. It's a Gold Medal from the 50s. I'm often tempted to try some unheralded PBOs from the time, and see if there are any lost gems amongst them:

Walt Grove - HELL-BENT FOR DANGER. Great cover - glass of alcohol in the foreground, undressing woman in the background.

There's also a couple of novels that I bought because I recognised them as ones which will be reprinted by Hard Case Crime this year:

Shepard Rifkin - THE MURDERER VINE Steve Brackeen (John Farris) - BABY MOLL

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