Re: RARA-AVIS: Themes of Revenge in Joe Gores's Work

Date: 09 Jan 2008

I'm about to start Joe Gores' WOLF TIME. I saw it in a bookshop the other day so naturally I had to pick it up. It too, according to the back cover, has a revenge theme, this time set in the midst of a presidential election. It seems to be a slight variant on this theme, however, in that the initial target is the protagonist himself, Hollis Fletcher, not a friend or family member.

Best, Harry

Quoting JIM DOHERTY <>:

> Arguably, Gores, like most mystery writers who produce
> a long-running and popular series, is best-known for
> his series work. But Gores has also written a lot of
> non-series work. And one theme that recurs in his
> stand-alones is the hero wreaking vengeance.

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