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Date: 09 Jan 2008

  Hi Jim -
  I love Fesperman's work also and have a peice in his work at
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  His last novel THE PRISONER OF GUANTANAMO was excellent and won the Hammet last year -
  And his latest THE AMATEUR SPY was released in the UK last year / and is due for US release this spring
  Ali (
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- etc
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That said, the best, fairly recent novel I read for the first time was Dan Fesperman's THE SMALL BOAT OF GREAT SORROWS. This was a sequel to his first novel, LIE IN THE DARK, which I read in 2006.

Both books feature Vlado Petric, a Balkan policeman. In the first he's a homicide detective in war-torn Sarajevo, living alone because he's sent his family to Germany to wait out the war, assigned to a investigate the murder of a high-ranking cop. In the second, he's left the Balkans and rejoined his wife and kid in Germany, when the UN War Crime Commission offers him a temporary job as an investigator and assigns him to return to his country to hunt down a WW2 Nazi.

Both books are excellent. Both are winners of CWA Daggers, LIES won the Creasey Dagger for Best First Novel, and SMALL BOATS the Fleming Steel Dagger for Best Thriller.


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