Re: RARA-AVIS: Paul Meskil and others - lesser known but equally good hard boiled writers

Date: 08 Jan 2008

Robert suggested:

"Just a few: "Low Bite" by Sin Sorocco; "Falling Angel" by William Hjortsberg; "A Little West-Coast Blues" by Jean-Patrick Manchette."

Does this mean another Manchette has been translated into English? I can't say enough good about his Three to Kill and Prone Gunmen.

Is Low Bite Sorocco's first, with the main character getting out of jail? It was okay, but I don't remember a whole lot else and never went on to the next (Edge City?).

If we're recommending relatively recent authors who are off the beaten path, let me add Jack O'Connell (when's his new book comng out?).


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