Re: RARA-AVIS: Re: The 150 Best Harboiled/Noir 1929-69

Date: 07 Jan 2008

Jeff - Sorry I wasn't more helpful.

By the way, I'm just finishing up Jonathan Gash's PEARLHANGER and there are some pretty classic noir passages (Lovejoy is bemoaning the lack of understanding of his behaviour by the women in his life ):

"But what's to be done when morality is helpless, and evil rides the land? I honestly do wish that sometimes women would make allowance for purity of conviction in a man, but they never do. It's a weakness that makes me question their basic honesty." (Gash, 1986: 199)

"Sometimes I wonder if women aren't incapable of having friends. Maybe by nature they can only make lovers and haters." (Gash, 1986: 209)

Not much mention of Gash's work has been made on the list so I thought I would put this out there.

Best, Harry

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> Harry - Thank you--I'm aware of Lew Buckingham.

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