Re: RARA-AVIS: Re: The 150 Best Harboiled/Noir 1929-69

From: Mark Francis (
Date: 06 Jan 2008

It seems like the list only includes novels that are still in
  print or have been republished in the last 20 years. I highly
  recommend trolling used bookstores or browsing eBay, as
  many many fine authors and titles did not make your list.
  As an example, David Dodge and Wade Miller have much
  better titles than the 2 published by Hard Case that you have
  listed. Horace McCoy's Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye is a far more
  "hardboiled" novel than the one listed. Wade Miller's Max Thursday
   books are easy to find and were kept in print through the 90's.
   Some authors that may be out of print now but would have to be
   on the list include Frank Gruber, Raoul Whitfield, Lester Dent,
   William Campbell Gault, Frederick Nebel, Milton Ozaki, Norbert
   Davis, Henry Kane, and on and on and on.


 - Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye

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