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From: Patrick King (
Date: 06 Jan 2008

At least he's not pulling a Maupassant and re-writing his old stories. But Leonard probably isn't suffering from syphilis, either. There are some advantages to living in the present.

Patrick King
--- vagrantpacific <> wrote:

> Just finished the latest Elmore Leonard. Have mixed
> feelings. On one
> hand I feel his style is opening up, evolving,
> becoming even more
> fluid and balanced between his narrator's voice and
> the voices of his
> characters. On the other hand nothing really
> happens, which is always
> sort of the joke with Leonard, especially his later
> stuff, but with Up
> In Honey's Room, really not much is going on. So if
> the plot is so
> light then is there something else at work here? A
> time and a place -
> Detroit at the end of WW2? Some kind of social or
> philosophical or
> aesthetic pondering. Not really. Is this what you do
> when you get old,
> you dive back into some memory cave and doodle on
> the walls? Still,
> I'll take him over the cheap posturing of a lot of
> other crime writers
> I read this year. He still deals the real.

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