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Date: 06 Jan 2008

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> > Some time ago, I went through a period where a lot of what I was
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> If you haven't read Fritz Leiber's _The Wanderer_, I highly
> it. A real master.

And his horror novels CONJURE WIFE, YOU'RE ALL ALONE (particularly), and OUR LADY OF DARKNESS are quite close to our subject matter here
(San Francisco regionalists will need to read the last)...as is, most particularly among his sf novels, THE BIG TIME. I've mentioned his Spillane parody, "The Night He Cried," from time to time, while his Spillanesque horror "I'm Looking for Jeff" has, I believe, also come up...but better yet is his very important early story "Smoke Ghost," as noir as you could possibly want. His similarly influential sf story "Coming Attraction" not too shabby in this regard, either.

Todd Mason

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