RARA-AVIS: Gores, etc.

From: Tapani Bagge ( tapani.bagge@armas.fi)
Date: 02 Jan 2008

I just read Cases. It was one of the best books I read last year. I had read (and translated into Finnish) one of the short stories before, but it didn't matter.

I just started Stakeout on Page Street. I've read some of the stories before, but I don't mind reading good stories again. Great stuff. Too bad we haven't got any of the DKA novels in Finnish. They should be made available here, too.

Before Cases, I read I Like'em Tough by Curt Cannon who really was Ed McBain, or Evan Hunter. The stories in this book appeared first in Manhunt, where the detective was called Matt Cordell. The first stories were a bit crude and there was maybe too many eager and big- breasted babes who wanted to go to bed with the detective, but the man's basic desperation was finely crafted and there was some excellent details in the descriptions plus the dialog was quite smooth. Along the way the stories became better, too, and more realistic.

Before Cases I also read Kinds of Love, Kinds of Death by Tucker Coe, maybe better known as Donald Westlake. He sure could write an excellent private eye novel, too. I think alcoholic Matt Cordell and Tucker Coe's ex-police detective Mithell Tobin with his mind-gnawing quilt were relevant steps on the way to Lawrence Block's Matt Scudder. Did somebody already say this here? Propably, so I'm just conforming the fact.

Tapani Bagge

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