RE : Re: RARA-AVIS: The best novel you read this year

From: E. Borgers (
Date: 29 Dec 2007

My best reads in 2007 :
  I, FATTY by Jerry Stahl - First person autobiography-like novel. Dark, moving novel. A kind of battle between despair, life and resignation, based on the real facts of the life of Fatty Arbuckle. Subtle work well served by the precise and talented writing of Jerry Stahl. Highly recommended.
  LAST DRINKS by Andrew McGahan - A stunning Australian novel. Corruption exposed as a social disease in the ordinary life of rather ordinary people. Noir using a kind of "melancholy noir" mood, with impressionist approach to reach total disenchantment and resignation. Miles above average, from a great writer.
  And not forgetting some fun, with Westlake's adios to the porno writer chain gang:
  An amusing and intelligent take on formulaic writing. Westlake is revealing through the chapters of his novel all the possible variations of approach to writing a novel, variations of point of view, variations of ambiance and genres… inclusive some mechanics of soft porn. This with a basic situation making that Ed, the fictitious author in the book, cannot start his porn novel, facing a writer's block. A cult classic.
  Hard-Boiled Mysteries

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