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From: Mark R. Harris (
Date: 23 Dec 2007

First, let me thank everyone who responded to my Simenon queries both on and off list. I heartily appreciate it. I was a little slow responding because this was a brutal pre-holiday week at work. But I have a wealth of information to explore now.

Second, Mike, I (re-)joined the group on October 9 and therefore just missed the exchange you mention by a few weeks. Thanks for pointing it out. I had done a search for "Dirty Snow" in the archive but should have done a more general search on just "Simenon."

New York Review Books has now apparently published nine Simenon titles, in addition to all the other great books they've been busy re-issuing. For litterateurs, this is one of the best imprints out there these days.

Best, Mark

On 12/17/07, mburch5717 <> wrote:
> Hi Mark,
> Isn't Simenon great? I discovered his tough novels a few months ago and
> went crazy over them.
> I also had the exact same bibliographic question you asked which
> resulted in typically great responses from the connoiseurs on this list.
> Look in the archieves for Al Guthrie's note on Sept 24. I remember that
> he put me onto a very good bibliography on Simenon's romans dur. It
> doesn't have all the info you want but it is really good.
> Also check out Richard Moore's note on Sept 25 about avoiding the
> translations by Geoffrey Sainsbury who, unfortunately, translated a
> fair number of Simenon's into English.
> I saw recently that NY REview Books just bought out another tough
> Simenon.
> Happy reading.
> Mike

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