RARA-AVIS: Re: Fat City

From: Mark Finn ( markfinn@texas.net)
Date: 22 Dec 2007

I'm perhaps the biggest advocate for Howard's boxing fiction; he wrote so damn much of it, and it's only just now coming to light. Granted, while the bulk of it is humorous (in that three stooges kind of way), there are a few serious boxing stories that he wrote, collected in Grant's "The Iron Man," and elsewhere. In particular, "Iron-Jaw," aka
"Fists of the Desert," is positively hard-boiled. That got reprinted in the Bison collection, and it's a corker.

The Lurking Finn

> More books to look up, I guess. Lacy and Tully both look interesting.
> And since we're talking about pulp boxing fiction, Robert E. Howard's
> Boxing Stories is also an entertaining read. Thanks for the tips.
> -Gonzalo
> saddlebums.blogspot.com

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