RARA-AVIS: KILL CLOCK, by Allan Guthrie

From: Busted Flush Press ( bustedflushpress@yahoo.com)
Date: 21 Dec 2007

KILL CLOCK' s a great book! (and we stock it at my day job at Houston's Murder By The Book -- www.murderbooks.com) But no way in hell is this for kids... the word "fuck" is used liberally, starting with, I believe, the first line. ;-)

I'm also halfway through Ray Banks' SATURDAY'S CHILD, and here's another winning crime novel from Harcourt... with Guthrie, Banks, Harvey, and the forthcoming Declan Burke, acquiring editor Stacia Decker has really done well with making Harcourt a major force in British/Scottish/Irish crime/noir fiction.

By the way, a brief announcement: Reed Farrel Coleman's REDEMPTION STREET is finally in paperback! With a new foreword by Peter Spiegelman and a new afterword by Reed. This is my favorite of his Moe Pragers (even better than the award-winning THE JAMES DEANS), and I could not be prouder of the paperback edition (it's gorgeous!). Anyway, check it out here -- www.bustedflushpress.com -- and please make sure you favorite bookstore stocks it. Thanks, and happy holidays!!

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