From: tootsbinswanger ( donna.moore@virgin.net)
Date: 21 Dec 2007

Gonzalo wrote:
> Speaking of which, earlier this year I bought Eddie Muller's The
> Distance purely because it had a blurb by Leonard Gardner on its cover.
> Until then, I had never heard about Muller (now, however, I know what
> an excellent book critic he is) and the Gardner endorsement was good
> enough for me. I haven't read the novel yet and I was wondering if
> anyone in this list has. If so, what did you think of it as well as
> Muller as a writer?
THE DISTANCE (and its follow up SHADOW BOXER) is one of my all time favourite books. Eddie Muller is a wonderful fiction writer (as well as being THE expert on noir in my opinion - his non fiction is written with the same great style and panache as his fiction). My Christmas wish would be more fiction from Muller- he's one of the very best as far as I'm concerned.


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