Re: RARA-AVIS: Allan Guthrie's Top 200 Noirs

From: Allan Guthrie (
Date: 20 Dec 2007

Thanks for putting forward the case for TOBACCO ROAD so eloquently, Charlie.

And hell, yeah, BUCKET NUT is brilliant. For some reason I thought it was published post-1997. That one slipped through the net and I'll fix it next time I update the website.


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>I wouldn't call THE MALTESE FALCON or THE BIG SLEEP noir at all.
> TOBACCO ROAD I would, but coming from an unusual angle. It is full of
> despair and hopelessness and awful actions glossed over, and things
> only get worse. Also each character is damned. (I often look at
> Thomas Hardy as noir for the same reasons. There's even a few tough
> colloquialisms in there.)
> Interesting observation about female authors of noir, though. Maybe
> it's a male thing? I would have Liza Cody's BUCKET NUT books up there
> though.
> Charlie.

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