Re: RARA-AVIS: My take on Block

From: Curt Purcell (
Date: 20 Dec 2007

--- In, DJ-Anonyme@... wrote:
> I may have overstated my dislike of Deadly Honeymoon. After all, I did
> finish it. That said, it did ring false to me, unlike The Ax. It's
> kind of interesting that both of these "ordinary people pushed to
> violent solutions" books were conceived by Westlake. He abandoned the
> first, but brilliantly finished the second.

And I think in the original thread on DH (waaaay back in the archives, when this group first moved to Yahoo), someone said a Joe Gores book did better on the point you mention, too. I forget what the title was, but maybe it will come up again, now that a Gores month is on the way!

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