Re: RARA-AVIS: Block, John Warren Wells, and Scudder (warning: freakishly long)

Date: 19 Dec 2007

Fascinating parallels, Bob. Thanks for pointing them out.

A few additions:

"A rather different reading experience is found in John Warren Wells's Tricks of the Trade, with the above-the-title tag,
"The Joy of Hooking.". . . It was published in 1970
(pre-Joy of Sex, interestingly) . . ."

But after Joy of Cooking, right?

". . . by Signet / New American Library, a decided step-up from Nightstand and Midnight Reader."

Wells seems to have started at Lancer (who listed the name as a pseudonym, though they didn't specify whose, with the LOC; future publishers didn't), but later pubilished with Signet, as you point out, Dell and Warner. This seems to strongly argue that it was not a publishing house name. It still could be an agent's house name, I guess, but I doubt it, as the few I've flipped through all seem to have Block's sense of humor, especially in the dedications. Speaking of which, the dedication to Jill Emerson is in Wells's Total Sexuality.


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