Re: RARA-AVIS: Sorry, more Ellroy

From: Patrick King (
Date: 19 Dec 2007

--- wrote:
> James typed. James clattered. James hammered those
> keys like Spade Cooley
> hammered his broads. James dug the Remmington rhythm
> and riffed expansive.
> James stuck his schtick on a stick and waved it. Dig
> my big historical themes
> suckers. James's characters ossified and fosilised
> like the creationists sent
> evolution to suck the big one. James's dialogue dug
> ditches for itself and read
> rut-like. Obscenities oft repeated auger
> authenticity agreed authorial
> authorities. James rattled those keys some more,
> dig the rebop repetition riff
> readers.
> Now I really must apologise for that!
****************************************************** That wasn't a sincere apology, you big showoff!

Patrick King

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