RARA-AVIS: Before the Devil Knows You're Dead

From: ABQBrewer@aol.com
Date: 17 Dec 2007

Hi, all:
    Just wanted to recommend this movie, a noir tale about two brothers who decide to resolve their financial worries by knocking over a mom-and-pop jewelry store. Terrific performances by Philip Seymour Hoffman, Ethan Hawke and Marisa Tomei, and direction by Sidney Lumet. I thought the script (by newcomer Kelly Masterson) could've jumped back and forth in time a little less, but the narrative doesn't lose any oomph because of it.
     I'll be interested to hear what others think. If you don't live in a major market, you might have trouble finding this one in a theater. It's playing in my Northern California town for one week only.
   Steve Brewer, author of "Cutthroat."
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