From: Nathan Cain ( IndieCrime@gmail.com)
Date: 16 Dec 2007

After hearing the recommendations here and elsewhere, I finally got around to watching the first half of the first season. I have some of the usual gripes I have about television in general, especially the fact that Dexter lives in a waterfront apartment and owns a boat on a city employee salary.(Seriously, must everyone have a huge, expensive home no matter how far beyond their means it would be in real life?)
  I an however, on the whole, enjoying it more than the first Dexter book, which I read before there was a tv show. It was okay, but I didn't feel compelled to rush out and pick up the sequel. I think the show, despite running through most of the big events in the first book in the first episode, does a pretty good job of capturing the character, and it also fleshed out some of the peripheral characters, particularly Doakes and LaGuerta, quite nicely. It almost makes me regret canceling my cable. Almost.

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