RARA-AVIS: Dirty Snow

From: Mark R. Harris ( brokerharris@gmail.com)
Date: 16 Dec 2007

I just finished reading Georges Simenon's intense noir novel Dirty Snow, in the Marc Romano/Louise Varese translation published by New York Review Books, and I can recommend it unqualifiedly.

Does anyone know of a good bibliography of Simenon's non-Inspector Maigret work, either online or elsewhere in print? Information about the 75 Maigret novels and 28 short stories is fairly easy to come by, as for example here:


But I haven't found an equivalent for the non-Maigret work. Wikipedia says there are 117 non-Maigret "psychological novels"; also that there are "about 450" novels and volumes of short stories "including pseudonymous works" altogether. Clearly the man wrote his pants off.

The most helpful sort of bibliography from my point of view would include the original French titles, years of publications, and pseudonyms if any; plus detailed information about all of the translations into English (there are multiples on many Simenon titles). OK, so I am asking for a lot.

Best, Mark

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