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Date: 16 Dec 2007

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When Gabriel Garcíˇ MᲱuez published _Love in the time of cholera_, many people felt that he had let them down; in fact, he had streamlined his style and he had produced an authentic work of art. No matter, there were those who loved him for the torrential style that he practiced his most famous novel. He has never gone back to that style. I wish Ellroy would totally abandon the style that started in White Jazz and got ridiculous in American Tabloid and The Cold Six Thousand. In Dick Contino's Blues he achieved a kind of classicism, a hardboiled style that did not overwhelm the reader. That would be my wish, anyway, which counts for nuthin', of course.

I think it was undeveloped in White Jazz, perfected in American Tabloid and over the top by the time of the 6,000 (which I'm still re-reading, but to be honest seem unlikely to finish unless I get seriously regrabbed soon) - when I will assume E was too powerful to be reined in by editors and told: "James, it's too long, trim it." It just doesn't have the compelling drive and pace of the Tabloid plot.
  As you say Mr T, I don't think you'll get your wish - certainly not till the trilogy is done, and as I've already (only half-humourously) suggested part three could be a Finegan's Wake of HB! When it hits the shelves, if it is as slablike in size as 6,000 I'll be a little wary of it to be honest.
  Hey ho, all the best Avians - and I apologise for my Ellroy obsession, I really must widen my reading.
  James typed. James clattered. James hammered those keys like Spade Cooley hammered his broads. James dug the Remmington rhythm and riffed expansive. James stuck his schtick on a stick and waved it. Dig my big historical themes suckers. James's characters ossified and fosilised like the creationists sent evolution to suck the big one. James's dialogue dug ditches for itself and read rut-like. Obscenities oft repeated auger authenticity agreed authorial authorities. James rattled those keys some more, dig the rebop repetition riff readers.
  Now I really must apologise for that!
  Happy Sunday all.
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