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Date: 15 Dec 2007

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> "I got it from the man himself: the third book in the Underworld
> Trilogy will be released in March '08. It will end in May of '72,
and Ellroy has
> said he will not write past that moment in time in his future works.
In other
> words, all his subsequent work will take place before May '72. I
wanted to
> pump him for details but I didn't. I do recall him saying this book
will focus
> on Latin American imperialism, Hoover's final years, the escalation
of Nam,
> Hoffa's end and Sonny Liston. He has no interest in Watergate.
> No word on if Wayne Tedrow will be the sole protagonist or if he
> another pair to make it a trio.

I hope age and mastery lead Ellroy to simplify his style, something that has happened to many writers (usually to the great benefit of their work, and colaterally, of their readers).

When Gabriel Garcíˇ MᲱuez published _Love in the time of cholera_, many people felt that he had let them down; in fact, he had streamlined his style and he had produced an authentic work of art. No matter, there were those who loved him for the torrential style that he practiced his most famous novel. He has never gone back to that style. I wish Ellroy would totally abandon the style that started in White Jazz and got ridiculous in American Tabloid and The Cold Six Thousand. In Dick Contino's Blues he achieved a kind of classicism, a hardboiled style that did not overwhelm the reader. That would be my wish, anyway, which counts for nuthin', of course.



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