RARA-AVIS: Seasons Greetings from The Back Alley

From: Racerick75@aol.com
Date: 14 Dec 2007

Hey, 7300 readers in the last four weeks can't be all wrong! Since Issue Two of The Back Alley Webzine launched on November 19, over 7300 readers have accessed the site to check out hardboiled and noir stories by Bryon Quertermous, Megan Powell, John Weagly, Warren Bull, and 2007 PWA/St. Martin's Best First PI Novel winner Keith Gilman. We're also featuring the first of seven installments of Frank Norris's milestone classic noir novel MCTEAGUE, and a kickass historical/analytical piece by Jess Nevins.

AND! In the spirit of the season - in which it is better to give than to receive - we offer this bounty of fiction to you ABSOLUTELY FREE!?All you have to do is click on this little URL thingie - www.backalleywebzine.com? - or copy it into your browser, and the miracle of the Internet will transport you through its magic network of tubes to that place where the world is a little darker, meaner, and more tragic - THE BACK ALLEY!

And remember - in The Back Alley, if you hear someone shinnying down your chimney, it might NOT be Santa! R

Richard Helms, Editor THE BACK ALLEY WEBZINE www.backalleywebzine.com?

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