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Date: 12 Dec 2007

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> Someone mentioned on the list that at some point Ellroy would put it
> all together and knock our socks off... I think with the Big Nowhere,
> he already did this.  Really loved the book, and need to re-read it,
> as I read it something like 10 years ago.  I really disliked White
> Jazz.  Ellroy was trying on a new style, and I don't think he had it
> altogether yet...but it came through pretty well in American Tabloid.
> I see it listed as his "masterpiece." But I still that title going
> Nowhere.  Haven't read the Cold Six Thousand.

I'd agree. The Big Nowhere is very compelling. I got in trouble with my wife when we were on vacation when the book came out, because I refused to budge from the hammock where I was reading it and go sight-seeing with her. by the time Ellroy got to American Tabloid, all his gifts and obsessions seemed to finally cohere. but trying to top himself with The Cold Six Thousand, the plotting had taken a backseat to the prose

John Lau

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