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From: Patrick King (
Date: 11 Dec 2007

--- William Ahearn <> wrote:

> --- Patrick King <> wrote:
> > Candidly, William, I wonder if you're joking. What
> > would you say happened to young Colin in later
> life?
> Nothing. Colin doesn't exist. He's a moment, a
> character in a film, an idea rendered by an actor.
> All
> your extrapolations are baseless. Great people have
> come from worse situations. We could explore your
> projected fears about class and destiny but that
> would
> be as silly as you projecting Colin's life. It's a
> movie, Patrick, not a schmear of blood in a DNA test
> that foretells heart attacks and cancer. Again, we
> just don't see the world with common eyes or any way
> to reach any common ground.
***************************************************** William, there is no point to any type of art if it poses nothing for individuals who encounter it to consider about their own lives. The story of Colin Smith is the story of a man held from greatness by his need to conform with the mob around him. It poses a quesiton for everyone who sees it: Will you be like them, or will you take what you have and run with it, careless that they'll despise you when you win? That's why this is an important film and novela. Whatever choices we've made in life, we can all see Colin in ourselves. And maybe we'll think twice before we elect to lose.

Patrick King

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