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From: Patrick King (
Date: 11 Dec 2007

--- Nathan Cain <> wrote:

> I did like it, but I do think Ellroy jumped the
> shark a while back
> when he started writing about his divorce and how he
> was obsessed with
> writing the greatest crime novel ever, and his dead
> mother and blah
> blah blah. His shtick has gotten old, if you ask me.
> He's become
> tedious.
****************************************************** I know what you mean. Still, in my estimation, his best book to date is easily MY DARK PLACES. I think the guy has a major book in him yet. I don't know if he needs to get over the things that happen to him personally, or whether he has to put them in perspective so he can write about them objectively as he did in MDP. I love the style and atmosphere he evokes in all his books. I'm always disappointed in the resolutions of his novels. How can a story as good as Ellroy's THE BLACK DAHLIA fail so badly in the end. Whatever happend to Elizabeth Short, I'm absolutely certain that was not it. As tedious as Dunne's TRUE CONFESSIONS is, his resolution is closer to what must have happened than Ellroy's. Nonetheless, Ellroy has a great gift for language and imagery. He'll get it right one of these days and blow everyone's socks off. I'll keep reading just in case.

Patrick King

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