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From: Patrick King (
Date: 11 Dec 2007

--- William Ahearn <> wrote:

> --- Patrick King <> wrote:
 Colin Smith, the runner, triumphs
> in the film and he does it on his own terms. It is
> one
> of my fave flick and I wrote it up here:
> Patrick, I'm thinking you're joking with all of
> this.
****************************************************** Candidly, William, I wonder if you're joking. What would you say happened to young Colin in later life? He was a contender. He could have been a somebody. At the end of that film... and novel, he's pushing a broom. That is a very 1968 vision of "triumph." And in failing to easily win that race, does he make some profound statement to "the establishment" of the borstel? No. He loses that race because he hasn't the courage to be despised by the rest of the losers around him whose only talents are crime and violence. Colin Smith is relegated to a life of petty crime when he could have used his unique talent to win a university scholarship and rise in the military, business, or politics. Lonliness of a Longdistance Runner epitomizes a subtle, brutally realistic style of noir. A triumph is when you achieve something great, not when you lose everyone's respect, including your own.

Patrick King

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