Re: RARA-AVIS: Recent read: American Tabloid (Spoiler)

Date: 11 Dec 2007

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> American Tabloid was the first Ellroy I read - I'm a very late comer to 
> noir/hardboiled and before Ellroy I was a Sherlock Holmes and historical
> crime 
> fiction man - so that may have some bearing on our divergence of views. It
> set 
> me off on a rampage of Ellroy purchases, starting with the LA Quartet, in
> which  I think he honed the style of Underworld USA but didn't quite have it
> right
> in  White Jazz.

I'd been a devotee of the Demon Dog since the Lloyd Hopkins days, saw him speak many times, thought American Tabloid was his masterpiece

and yet, I hit the Ellroy wall with The Cold Six Thousand. all the criticisms that many have about American Tabloid came home to roost for me with his follow up work and I was unable to finish it

has anybody here read The Cold Six Thousand cover to cover?

John Lau

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