Re: RARA-AVIS: KISS ME DEADLY (May the Force Be With You)

From: Patrick King (
Date: 09 Dec 2007

--- Kevin Burton Smith
<> wrote:

> Ah, yes, that classic of film noir: STAR WARS.
****************************************************** The only thing not noir about Star Wars are the costumes and the vehicles. It's space noir.

> What power it does weild lies more in its brashness
> and audacity of
> narrative; not for the most part its use of film
> noir style. Stair
> angels (sic)? Gimme a break. I think more people
> probably noticed the
> the end of the world at the conclusion of the film.
> Talk abut a sequel-
> killer.
****************************************************** Don't stand by the window, Kevin. Someone might blow you a kiss.

Patrick King

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