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From: vagrantpacific ( pacificvagrant@gmail.com)
Date: 09 Dec 2007

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> Hey Craig,
> Glad to see that someone else picked up on my thread about Dexter, though I have to
> assume that not too many others are watching it. But yes, I would HIGHLY recommend
> I'm about 2/3 of the way through the second Dexter novel now and I definitely like the
> series better.

-I'm so glad I read this post because I LOVE the series and have been wondering for some time if the books were any good. It's ironic really; my first impression would have been that the books could have dug deeper into the dark and twisted, but I'm learning that the hardboiled noir crowd tends to be very conservitive with what it considers appropiate genre boundaries, i.e. most of the "noir" books I've read recently have been very formula and kind of boring because of it. This used to be the case with T.V., which now investigates characters more than what I see in genre books, and goes off in such strange, exciting directions. T.V. is definitely on the vanguard. Haven't seen the second season of Dextor - waiting for the DVDs to come out so that, like a junkie, I can hole up in my living room and do them all in one weekend!

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