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Date: 08 Dec 2007

Hey Craig,

Glad to see that someone else picked up on my thread about Dexter, though I have to assume that not too many others are watching it. But yes, I would HIGHLY recommend it.

I'm about 2/3 of the way through the second Dexter novel now and I definitely like the series better. I don't know if the brother (Biney) comes back again in the books, but given that he hasn't already through the first big part of this book disappoints me. Without a doubt, the conclusion to season 1 of the series was much more satisfying, complete, and noir-ish. Dark stuff.

Now in Dearly Devoted, Dexter seems to be just a cop in a team with Deb, more or less. It reminds me very much of Lehane's Kenzie/Gennaro team, rather than the dark twistedness of what the TV series has accomplished.

I'm right there with you in your admiration of the second season, and I'd say one of its highlights has been the development of the Doakes character, the antagonist to Dexter's dark lead. I'm torn because I really love Doakes, and I understand his side, but I also understand Dexter's and am really attached to him. Great depth of the characters here.

This complexity of multiple main characters and different points of view is something I would love to see Lindsay have done in the books. I wonder if he felt hamstrung by something to keep writing in first person.

Seth Berkeley, CA

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> I've been watching _Dexter_, the Showtime series, and I've read all 3 of the Dexter
novels and I'd have to agree with your points that the series has developed these characters to a degree far greater than in the books.
> Craig Larson
> Maple Grove, MN

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