RARA-AVIS: Re: The Chandler followers and...

From: Mark R. Harris ( brokerharris@gmail.com)
Date: 08 Dec 2007

> Do you feel the film demeans Chandler? God, I hope not. That was
not my
> intent at all. On the set our bible was 'Raymond Chandler
Speaking.' Not
> 'The Long Goodbye.' That was just the story. Leigh gave me exactly
what I
> asked for: an outline that would take us from scene to scene, so
we'd know
> the bases were all covered regarding story and budget and who
would be
> where. But I don't think there's one line of Leigh's dialogue in
the film.
> The actors and I roughed that out as we went along. We were all
> 'Raymond Chandler Speaking.' The letters. Getting the feel of the
> words. His attitude. What I actually was trying to do was to speak
> Chandler, not demean him. I'd be proud to show the film to

I had no idea of the existence of this eye-opening quotation, but I must say, I feel a little vindicated in my suggestion that Altman was indeed tipping his hat to another master.


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