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From what I remember, Chandler's social commentary tends to be tied more to concrete than to ideal things, unlike the Connelly example below (although an edge of social commentary obviously informs both).

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> John, I find nothing in common between Connelly and Chandler... To me,

> Connelly is descended from the great journalistic writers, not from

> any fiction writer that I can recognize. He writes like a damn fine

> reporter. We're lucky he turned to fiction!


in LOST LIGHT, Harry Bosch has retired from the LAPD and is working as a

private investigator. unlike most Bosch procedurals, which are written in the

3rd person, Lost Light is written in the first:

"... Hollywood was always best viewed at night. It could only hold its

mystique in darkness. In sunlight the curtain comes up and the intrigue is gone,

replaced by a sense of hidden danger. It was a place of takers and users,

of broken sidewalks and dreams. You build a city in the desert, water it

with false hopes and false idols, and eventually this is what happens. The

desert reclaims it, turns it arid, leaves it barren. Human tumbleweeds drift

across its streets, predators hide in the rocks... "

tangentially, I recall that Terrill Lankford has credited Altman's The Long

Goodbye with inspiring Connelly to write detective stories set in L.A.

Terrill should know, he's the author's friend and business associate

I find it easy to extrapolate that if the man who wrote the above paragraph

was inspired by Altman's film, then the essence of Chandler permeates that work

at its very core

John Lau

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