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Date: 08 Dec 2007

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> What examples of
> > subtle noir can you think of?
> Coppola's _The Conversation_, Antonioni's _Blow Up_, Hellman's _The
> Shooting_, Boorman's _Point Blank_, Saura's _La Caza_ (his best film,
> too little known outside of Spain), Leconte's _The Man on the Train_,
> Polanski's _Knife in the Water_, Kubrick's _The Killing_, among many
> others. Some noirs are very cold, whereas others are superhot (like
> the great _White Heat_, which I mentioned jokingly earlier).

unsubtle director Brian DePalma's homage to Antonioni, BLOW OUT has a fairly subtle denouement that is truly noir

John Lau

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