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From: Mark R. Harris (
Date: 07 Dec 2007

Mr. Ahearn is being rather disingenuous when he expresses puzzlement over why I thought he was baiting me for an argument, considering that just days ago we had a lengthy heated exchange over the definition of noir on another board. If he is "over arguing this stuff," he must have made the decision very recently indeed.

What this board needs is a separate "Thunderdome" forum such as another board that I belong to has, where combatants can pummel each other at will, but no one needs to pay attention or go to that forum unless they wish to. Moderators in my other group decide when a disagreement has escalated to Thunderdome status and move the argument there as needed. It works really well!


On 12/7/07, William Ahearn <> wrote:
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> > --- William Ahearn < <>>
> wrote:
> > > It wasn't titled The Long Goodbye for nothing.
> >
> > Well, that's your opinion.
> >
> Excuse me but I don't think I rate all this
> churlishness. I've been nothing but rational and calm
> in describing my appreciation for a film many here
> don't like and I don't appreciate snide and snotty
> retorts that offer nothing in the way of content.
> Another poster thought I was baiting them for an
> arguement. Nice try but I'm over arguing this stuff.
> Some had said "Kiss Me, Deadly" was essential noir and
> others said it wasn't. All I wanted to hear was the
> rationale behind each. That is what learning is about.
> I've decided what it is in my view and I'm not going
> to try and convince others of what it may be. But I do
> like to listen to other opinions even if I don't
> agree.
> How I rocked your world by suggesting a context to the
> title of Chandler's novel is way beyond my
> understanding.
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