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From: William Ahearn (
Date: 05 Dec 2007

--- JIM DOHERTY <> wrote:

> One can't honestly compare Elliot Gould's
> performance
> to Dick Powell's, Humphrey Bogart's, Robert
> Mitchum's,
> or Powers Boothe's, and conclude that we're looking
> at
> essentially the same character.
That makes no sense. One can't look at any of those performances and assume the same character. You can't grasp that some people refuse to have the genre dictate the form of the piece and as a consequence any variation is by definition unacceptable. The Long Goodbye is by far better than The Big Sleep and Lady In The Lake and Murder, My Sweet. The last two are just bad movies and the first is a good Bogart/Bacall film but not a good representation of Chandler. You seem to be stuck with a set of values that defines borders so narrowly that you'll never be satisfied with anything but a loop that feeds that stuff back to you.


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