From: Seth Harwood ( sethharw@sethharwood.com)
Date: 03 Dec 2007

Hey Folks,

I have not read this book yet, but I've loved the other McCarthy books I've read, particularly the odd and somewhat nasty BLOOD MERIDIAN. I've also really liked the Coen brothers movies for some time (though I recently saw Blood Simple for the first time and wasn't that impressed--but oh well, it's an early work).

I pretty much fully loved this movie, NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN. The subversion of the Hollywood ending, the point that FATE is a very strong force in the story and one that even some of the bigger "good guy" characters in the movie can't oppose, the incredible Javier Bardem character, Josh Brolin's and Tommy Lee's acting jobs here... yeah. I think this is the best movie I've seen in quite some time. I saw it on the same day as I saw American Gangster and there wasn't any comparison at all.

The best thing, I think, about this movie is that the lack of a Hollywood ending (where you'd expect matters to escalate into a final showdown b/t Tommy Lee and Javier Bardem) actually makes you realize all the more how tense the movie has been all the way through so far. It's as if I expected it to go up to a climax and when it didn't, I felt like I was left off in the middle of something. But being there made me realize how tense I'd been for so much of the movie and how strong the built-up narrative tension had been in a way that I don't think a traditional ending could have.

So, yeah, I thought this movie was a super use of film to create the most affecting of stories. Kudos to Shannon for his great comments and his podcast interviews as well!

And I'm happy to welcome him to this list!


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