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Date: 29 Nov 2007

John Ridley is also an occasional commentator on NPR (National Public Radio, to those outside the States).
  He's all over the Net, actually, but here's his main blog page and clearing-house of info:

  Ridley (no relation to another great writer & filmmaker, Phillip Ridley) seems pretty sharp, both in his style & observations, as well as his humour. Deffo worth checkin' out!
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>I saw U-Turn, liked it. have Stray Dogs in the queue. started reading it
>once shortly after seeing the movie. it was EXACTLY the movie, so I put it
>back in the pile, to be read later when the film isn't so fresh in the mind.
>now would be fine, but unfortunately I have a very large pile
>John Lau

I believe John Ridley wrote the novel after he sold the screenplay to Stone in a (very smart) attempt to capitalize on the movie deal. That's probably why they are so very, very similar. It's sort of a novelization disguised as a novel. He got a hardcover deal out of it, so I think his ploy worked pretty well.


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