Re: RARA-AVIS: Gorky Park/Martin Cruz Smith

From: Patrick King (
Date: 28 Nov 2007

--- Ed Lynskey <> wrote:

> I've enjoyed reading GORKY PARK (Ballantine Books
> released a
> nice softcover edition in March). I saw the movie
> years ago,
> but the book is better, if I trust my memory. Arkady
> is a
> likeable, relentless crime investigator.
****************************************************** Yes, it's a great book. I read an article in which Smith talks about how he finished the novel. Apparently he was fairly sure he was on to a great story but he was uncertain about the beginning chapter, whether it had a sufficient hook to grab the reader. By the time he was writing the last chapter he was writing white-hot and he could feel the ending was very good. He still had plenty of energy, so he rewrote the first chapter last, bringing all his new found energy to the beginning as well as the end. Who knows if it really made a difference, but Smith certainly believes it did. It was his first huge success and remains perhaps his most successful and engaging plot. I, too, thought the movie was great but the book blows it out of the water.

Patrick King

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