RARA-AVIS: Re: Gorky Park/Martin Cruz Smith

From: shrikewriter ( azureus@harborside.com)
Date: 28 Nov 2007

I think Smith improves with every book he writes. Recently, I tried reading Nightwing -- one of his older books, "successful" inasmuch as it was made into a crappy movie. I only stuck with Nightwing because it was so bad it was instructive.

His last three are among my all-time favorites: Havana Bay, Wolves Eat Dogs, and Stalin's Ghost. Gorky Park is a fine book, too, but I really do think the later books are better. The movie . . . feh, I didn't like it. William Hurt does not make a good Renko. (For what it's worth, imagine Stephen Rea as Renko. If you've seen his work in either Citizen X or V for Vendetta, you'll know what I mean.)


Ed Lynskey <e_lynskey@...> wrote:
> I've enjoyed reading GORKY PARK (Ballantine Books released a
> nice softcover edition in March). I saw the movie years ago,
> but the book is better, if I trust my memory. Arkady is a
> likeable, relentless crime investigator.
> Ed Lynskey

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