Re: RARA-AVIS: John Ridley

Date: 28 Nov 2007

> I read Stray Dog when it first came out, thought it was a fun, quick
> neo-Gold Medal read.  (Never saw the movie)  I also have his Love is a
> Racket on my shelves, but haven't read it.
> And yes, Nathan, he is also a screenwriter.  I'm pretty sure he wrote
> the screenplay for U-Turn, based on his Stray Dog (or was it the other
> way around?).  Seem to remember a story about Oliver Stone kicking him
> off the set.  He also wrote Undercover Brother (based on a comic of his?
> an internet comic?).

I saw U-Turn, liked it. have Stray Dogs in the queue. started reading it once shortly after seeing the movie. it was EXACTLY the movie, so I put it back in the pile, to be read later when the film isn't so fresh in the mind. now would be fine, but unfortunately I have a very large pile

John Lau

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