RARA-AVIS: Re:Hello, I'm new

From: ABQBrewer@aol.com
Date: 28 Nov 2007

Hi all:
   If my pal Simon Wood can step up and identify himself, then I guess I should, too. I've been lurking for months and really enjoying the discussions. My name's Steve Brewer, and a lot of you know me already. (Hi, Crider!) I'm the author of 16 books so far, including a couple that might be considered hard-boiled. Mostly, I write comic crime novels, but I love to read the hard-boiled stuff and I've taught noir fiction and film at the university level.
    Recently, I read "The Drift" (2002) by John Ridley. A very bleak book about a railroad tramp who tries to find a missing girl and finds murder and mayhem instead. Terrific noir. I'm curious whether others enjoy Ridley's work, which can be hard to find. He wrote "Stray Dogs," upon which the film
"U-Turn" was based, and a book with the great title "Everybody Smokes in Hell."
    Great to "meet" you all and I look forward to reading more titles I find on this list.
  Steve Brewer
_www.stevebrewerbooks.com_ (http://www.stevebrewerbooks.com/)
_www.stevebrewer.blogspot.com_ (http://www.stevebrewer.blogspot.com/)

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